Meet Duck and Cluck

This is mu good friend, Duck. This is my best pal, Cluck.
We agree on everything! Well, ALMOST everything. Most things. SOME things.

Duck and Cluck are a lot like you and your friends. Most of the times, they get along well, but sometimes, it is NOT always easy. That is when they have to work together and work it out. Duck and Cluck tend to solve their problems in dramatic, silly ways that will make you laugh.

This pair of feathered pals appears in a new early reader, comic-style book series by author/illustrator Liz Goulet Dubois, and is published by Sourcebooks. Their first book is called THAT EGG IS MINE! and is available at your favorite bookstore or local library since January, 2022. Look for their equally as goofy second book, I LIKE THIS COLOR! in Spring of 2023!

Here you can see a video of the author telling you a little about how Duck and Cluck came to be!